Mika Maliranta
  • At Labour Institute for Economic Research LABORE: 1st August 2021
  • Education: Ph.D. (Economics), Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
Other publications
Peer-reviewed scientific articles

Ohlsbom, R., & Maliranta, M. (2021). Management practices and allocation of employment: Evidence from finnish manufacturing. International Journal of the Economics of Business, 28(1), 115-138.

Kauhanen, A., & Maliranta, M. (2019). The Roles of Job and Worker Restructuring in Aggregate Wage Growth Dynamics 1. Review of Income and Wealth, 65(1), 99-118.

Kerr, S., Maczulskij, T., & Maliranta, M. (2019). Within and between firm trends in job polarization: the roles of globalization and technology. Journal of Economic Geography, 20(4), 1003-1039. https://doi.org/10.1093/jeg/lbz028

Maliranta, M., & Nurmi, S. (2019). Business owners, employees, and firm performance. Small Business Economics, 52(1), 111-129.

Anyadike-Danes, M., Bjuggren, C. M., Dumont, M., Gottschalk, S., Hözl, W., Johansson, D., Maliranta, M., Myrann, A., Nielsen, K., & Zheng, G. (2018). An international comparison of the contribution to job creation by high growth firms.

Pehkonen, J., Pehkonen, S., Strifler, M., & Maliranta, M. (2017). Profit Sharing and the Firm‐Size Wage Premium. Labour, 31(2), 153-173.