We organise seminars for researchers on Wednesdays from 10am to 11am.  Labore seminars will be arranged on-site, hybrid or Teams. The seminars will be held at Economicum (Arkadiankatu 7), seminar room, 4th floor.


  • 29.3. Lauro Carnicelli (Labore): Effects of paternity leave reforms on gender inequality in the labor market (hybrid)

ABSTRACT: Can public policies targeted to men reduce gender inequality in the labor market? Using Finnish administrative data in a regression discontinuity framework, we investigate the causal relationship between 4 paternity leave reforms and the labor market outcomes of fathers and mothers. The policy design of the reforms varied, by either making the use of paternity leave days more flexible, by extending the number of days (going from 18 days to 42 days) or by increasing the replacement rate of benefits. We investigate if these policies were successful by computing short and long run effects of the reform on parents’ employment rate, earnings, and how earnings are distributed within the household. Our findings suggest that these types of policies are not enough to reduce gender disparities in the labor market, while some evidence for short-time effects are found for mothers’ employment after 2010

  • 26.4. Lauro Carnicelli (Labore): TBA 
  • 24.5. Daniel Lind (Arenagruppen): TBA


  • 18.1.2023. Michaela Elfsbacka Schmöller (Bank of Finland): Endogenous Technology, Scarring and Fiscal Policy 

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