We organise seminars for researchers on Wednesdays from 10am to 11am.  Labore seminars will be arranged on-site, hybrid or Teams. The seminars will be held at Economicum (Arkadiankatu 7), seminar room, 4th floor.


  • 4.6. Miika Kulo (Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto): Labour Market Concentration and Wages in the Finnish Grocery Retail Industry (hybrid)

Abstract: There is a growing interest in labour market monopsony from both competition policy and labour market research perspectives due to its potentially wide-ranging implications on wage determination, income inequality, and employment. This thesis attempts to estimate whether local differences in market concentration affect the wages of grocery retail sales workers, contributing to a broader understanding of the implications of the Finnish grocery oligopsony beyond the consumer market. Labour market concentration is estimated by calculating a Herfindahl Hirschman index based on the grocery retail employment shares between firms within commuting areas using employer employee data from the Statistics Finland Harmonized structure of earnings survey. The results reveal no statistically significant relationship or observable correlation between local labour market concentration and wages despite the high levels of concentration in Finnish grocery retailing. This could be, for example, due to the strong collective bargaining system between employer and employee unions in Finland, which greatly limits the downwards elasticity of retail sector wages and could therefore act as a mitigating factor against employer wage setting power.

  • 12.6. Merja Kauhanen (Labore) + tutkimustiimi: Toimeentuloedellytyksen kehittämisvaihtoehdot ja niiden vaikutukset maahanmuutossa.


  • 6.3. Tapio Bergholm (Itä-Suomen yliopisto): Mauno Koiviston talouspoliittinen ajattelu ja toiminta 1958-1968
  • 20.3. Juuso Villanen (Labore): Born at the right time: Examining the impcat of relative age on mental health in adulthood.
  • 27.3. Michaela Elfsbacka Schmöller (BoF): Do Recessions Slow Technology Growth? Evidence from the Firm Level.
  • 3.4. Hannu Karhunen (Labore): Effects of Regional Exemptions from Labor Market Testing
  • 10.4. Hanna Virtanen (Etla): Education, Gender and Family Formation
  • 24.4. Antti Ripatti (Helsinki University): Macroeconomic Impact of Endemic COVID
  • 8.5. Peter Elmgren (Helsinki University): Industry Growth and Displacement Costs


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