Lauro Carnicelli
  • At Labour Institute for Economic Research LABORE: 29th October 2018
  • Education: D.Sc. (Economics)
Other publications
Working papers

Carnicelli, L. Unemployment , incentives to education and the macroeconomy

Carnicelli, L. Financial shocks and endogenous labor market participation

Carnicelli, L. (2014) Should voting be mandatory? Carnicelli, L., and Postali, F.A.S. (2014) Oil windfalls and local fiscal effort: a propensity score analysis. No. 2014:03. University of S˜ao Paulo (FEA-USP)

Peer reviewed articles

Carnicelli, L., and Postali, F.A.S. (2012) Royalties do petróleo e emprego público nos municípios brasileiros. Estudos Econômicos (São Paulo) 44.3 (2014): 469-495.

Publications in the department's own series