In 2018, we established our own post-graduate incubator to fund post-graduate students. In 2019, three post-graduate students were selected for the incubator. The post-graduate incubator is supported and financed primarily by the Finnish Wage Earners’ Foundation (Palkansaajasäätiö). Students admitted to the incubator can focus on their post-graduate studies and completing their dissertations. Participation in the incubator involves a long-term commitment. The incubator’s activities focus on applied research without specifying the topics of the dissertations. Students receive guidance for their work from their own university, while their work in the incubator is supported by our own researchers.

The three students participating in the incubator in 2020 are Sami Jysmä, Tiina Kuuppelomäki and Aapo Kivinen. They are all second- to fourth-year post-graduate students from different universities who are engaged in both post-graduate courses and research for their dissertations. All students participating in the post-graduate incubator also spend a year at a major university abroad.


    SAMI JYSMÄ attends the University of Tampere and was a research trainee with us already in 2016. He began his post-graduate studies a year ago and is now a member of our post-graduate incubator. The focus of his research has been on public finances (including the impact of the confectionery tax, the impact of mortgages on household consumption, and labour supply). Sami has proven to be a good researcher and is progressing in his studies according to his target schedule. Sami plans to spend a year conducting research at Harvard University beginning in autumn 2020.


    AAPO STENHAMMAR is a second-year post-graduate student at Aalto University. He is currently working on a project together with our researcher Tuomas Kosonen and Professor Markus Jäntti at Stockholm University (income disparities in a dynamic framework, inheritance of economic status) and on a second project with Joonas Tuhkur (post-graduate student at MIT) on the topic of labour market change and robotisation with Joonas Tuhkuri (MIT postgraduate student). Aapo is currently studying at the University of Berkeley for one academic year and will return to the incubator in summer 2020.


    SANNI KIVIHOLMA is a part-time researcher in Labore’s post-graduate incubator. She is an economics doctoral student from the University of Jyväskylä. Her empirical research examines immigration and immigrants in the Finnish labor market. Her supervisors at the University of Jyväskylä are Mika Haapanen and Jaakko Pehkonen. Sanni is currently working on a project with Tuomo Virkola (VATT) and Ohto Kanninen (Labore) on the effects of anonymous applications on discrimination in hiring. In her other projects, she is studying the impact of active labor market policies and integration policies on immigrants’ labor market outcomes. Sanni is now visiting The University of Melbourne.


    OUTI JURVANEN is a researcher in Labore’s post-graduate incubator. She is an economics doctoral student from the University of Helsinki. Her empirical research focuses on understanding the dynamics and effects of the green transition. Her supervisors are Lassi Ahlvik and Niku Määttänen from the University of Helsinki.


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