We publish short-term economic forecasts in spring and autumn. In addition, revisions are made between forecasts, and researchers comment monthly on economic developments on our website.

Forecasting activities are supervised by Head of Forecasting Juho Koistinen.

Latest forecasts

Sample families

Our sample family calculations examine how the development of income, taxes and similar payments impacts the purchasing power of different sample families. View the latest edition of our Sample Families/Esimerkkiperheet publication. (In Finnish)

  • Tightening taxes will limit growth in the purchasing power of high-income families
  • White-collar families benefit from low mortgage rates
  • Renting weakens the purchasing power of workers’ families
  • Earnings of a low-income single-parent families rise slightly
  • Inflation is highest for unemployed people living alone
  • Income of retired couples on the rise

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