Relabeling, Retirement and Regret

Vertaisarvioidut julkaisut Ohto Kanninen, Jonathan Gruber, Terhi Ravaska


Can simply changing the public definition of a normal retirement age impact retirement, without any associated financial incentive changes? We study a reformulation of the retirement system in Finland that relabeled retirement ages with only modest and continuous changes in financial incentives. We find that relabeling matters: both graphical evidence and estimated hazard models reveal an enormous change in retirement when individuals face a newly defined ‘‘normal retirement” age. We also find evidence consistent with increased retirement ‘‘regret,” as the marginal workers induced to retire by relabeling are more likely to return to work.

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Gruber, J., Kanninen, O.,& Ravaska, T. (2022). Relabeling, Retirement and Regret. Journal of Public Economics, 211, 104677.

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ISSN: 0047-2727