Financial shocks and endogenous labor market participation

Työpapereita Lauro Carnicelli


This article studies the effects of financial shocks on the labor market when participation in the labor force is endogenous. Previous research concerning endogenous participation produced models that generated a counterfactually procyclical unemployment rate and a positively sloped Beveridge curve. This paper shows that collateral constraints alone are not able to produce correlations in line with the data. However, financial shocks, that change the collateral requirements, are responsible for most of the movements on the labor market and generate a countercyclical unemployment and a negatively slopped Beveridge curve.

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Carnicelli, L. (2018), Financial shocks and endogenous labor market participation, MPRA Paper, No. 90254.

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  • JEL: E32, E44, J63, J64