Dar es Salaam: City Scoping Study

Muut julkaisut Milla Nyyssölä, Tim Kelsall, Tim Ndezi


Lying on the East African coastline with a large natural harbour, Dar es Salaam, the ‘Haven of Peace’, was given its name in 1866 by Majid bin Sayyid, Sultan of Zanzibar. Under German rule, the settlement became the administrative and commercial centre of the colony, a position it maintained after the First World War under British trusteeship. Colonial rule imposed a racially segregated settlement plan on the city, with the best areas reserved for Europeans, followed by areas for Indians.

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Nyyssölä, M., Kelsall, T., & Ndezi, T. (2021), Dar es Salaam: City Scoping Study, ACRC City Scoping Study (June 2021), Manchester: The University of Manchester.

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