Job Disamenities, Job Satisfaction and on-the-Job Search: Is There a Nexus?

Working Papers 208 Petri Böckerman, Pekka Ilmakunnas

This study explores the potential role of adverse working conditions at the workplace in the determination of on-the-job search in the Finnish labour market. The results reveal that workers currently facing adverse working conditions have greater intentions to switch jobs and they are also more willing to stop working completely. In addition, those workers search new matches more frequently. There is evidence that adverse working conditions consistently increase the level of job dissatisfaction and, in turn, it is job dissatisfaction that drives workers’ intentions to quit and intensifies actual job search.

Keywords: Working conditions, job satisfaction, on-the-job search, intentions to quit
Published: 1.12.2004
JEL: J28, J31, J64
ISBN: 952-209-007-7
ISSN: 1795-1801
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