Multiple job holding in the changing labour market – evidence from Finland*

Working Papers 331 Merja Kauhanen

Multiple job holding concerns a considerable share of workers in the Finnish labour market, yet there is still only scarce research on its determinants and even less research that would take into account the heterogeneity within the group of multiple job holders. Utilising large register-based panel data from the 2010’s this paper studies determinants of multiple job holding treating multiple job holders as one group and of different types of multiple job holding, and also investigates its permanence. The paper finds that men, younger, more educated and living in countryside are more likely to hold multiple jobs relative to the reference groups. For wage and salary earners having temporary contract and part-time work are strongly positively associated with multiple job holding. Economic necessity seems to be an important driver for multiple job holding albeit not for all groups.
There is also quite a lot of heterogeneity in the determinants of different types of multiple job holding.